Lough Devnaree Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis Kingdom of Drachenwald

Rules of Champions of
Lough Devnaree

This event is run in Ireland annually which usually occurs in the summer months to highlight the best this island has to offer in the four disciplines (heavy fighting, fencing, arts & Sciences, and archery).

The winners of the tourneys are named the Champions for the coming year and organise the following year's tourneys (however if the winner does not reside on the island of Ireland they become the Guardian and the highest scoring resident is named the Champion).

While the current Champions must organise the following year’s tourney there is no requirement for them to do the running/marshalling of it.  This means any archer can win the archery, fencing or heavy tourney and become Champion without having to be a marshal.  They just need a marshal willing to run it on their behalf.

For all the disciplines there must be three people entering to warrant it a valid tournament.  If there is not enough numbers, then post of champion for that discipline will remain vacant for the coming year until one can be chosen at the next Champions event.

Please note you can not be Champion in the same discipline two years running i.e. If you are heavy Champion this year, then you can’t be heavy Champion next year but you can be archery, fencing or A&S Champion.

The Champion can set what ever format or restrictions they wish for the tourneys.  A common one is for the archery tourney, archers must should with a period style bow and arrows.