Lough Devnaree Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis Kingdom of Drachenwald

History of
Lough Devnaree

Year Month Details Group
1986 AS 20 Eriod of Eire, visits Dublin for a convention and tells people of the SCA. She was present for just 3 days but laid the seed in people’s mind. She left a box of SCA publications which fired the imagination.  
1989 AS 24Seven SCA members visit Dublin for a convention and spur things forward.  
1989?   A Lady Katherine visits and leaves more SCA publications. Countess Bevin Frasier of Sterling settles in the area of Lough Devnaree, though that name is still in the future.  
1989?   Contact with Lord Vladimir of the ‘Keep by the Endless Sea’, a shire in the East Kingdom is maintained.  
1990?   Lady Neva al Zena (long before warrior princesses) arrives and supplies the first aid in weapons and armour. Lady Neva becomes patron of the fighting arts in Lough Devnaree, leaving us her shield which becomes a treasured relic known as The Shield.  
  Lough Devnaree is chosen as the name for the shire.  
  Master Seamus Donn becomes first Seneschal of Lough Devnaree. The Shire of Ar nEilean-ne in Newfoundland (East Kingdom) becomes the sponsoring Shire.  
1991 Oct AS 26 Demo: Gaelcon Dublin
  Baroness Sorcha becomes Seneschal of Lough Devnaree.  
  Sir Elffin moves to Ireland temporally before going on to Nordmark.  
1992 Oct Demo:: Gaelcon  
1993 Spring Demo:: Leprecon, Trinity  
Apr Event: Champions of the Isles held in Drimnagh Castle.  
Jun Drachenwald becomes a Kingdom  
Jun Elffin Becomes first king of Drachenwald  
Jun Lough Devnaree becomes a full shire  
Oct Demo: Gaelcon  
08 Dec ? Event: Tullach an Iarrian, Waterford RTC. There was by this time a good core group in Waterford RTC. This was, as far as I can remember their first event. They had about 12 people in garb and a lot of students who came to the feast.  
15 Dec Event: Drimnagh Castle. King Elffin and Queen Vanna make the first Drachenwald Crown visit to Lough Devnaree.  
1994 Jan Demo:: Warpcon. (not the first I think but the first I saw.) Sir Elffin attended and assisted again.  
Feb Demo:: UCG (Galway) Small group interested led by Jean Arnaut d’Isrei, who had brought six or eight people from Galway to the Drimnagh Event.  
16 Apr Fighters Collegium in Waterford. Sir Michael de Lacy, Lord Paul de Gorey, Lord Ormswyn of Oakley, Lady Lilith, and Lord Sean de Leer all attend from Insulae Draconis.  
18-19 Jun Demo: Confederation of Kilkenny. Again Sir Michael de Lacy and Lord Paul de Gorey attend. 50 Japanese tourists end up doing 16c ring dances in a confused manner.  
1 Aug Demo: Dunmore East co Waterford. Camping event and lot’s of fun. People present included Fiachara, Wolfram, Pedro Giuseppe Tizzard, Sharon (SCA name escapes me), Duncan, Brolach mcFenris, Seamus (SCA name escapes me), Jean Arnaut, and many others.  
12 Dec Event: Event in Drimnagh Castle.  
1995 24-26 Jan Demo:: Warpcon  
11 Mar Event: Cork Heritage Centre. Queen Adalicia attends. (For those of you who know Aiden Le Mastier, first sponsoring seneschal of Glen Rathlin – Adalecia was his knight’s lady.) Maoill Dudh Mc Murragh, and Etienne Fevre get AoAs.  
25-26 Mar Demo: Lugcon (Limerick RTC).  
22-24 Apr Event: First War of the Roses in Flintheath. Sir Michael de Lacy Crown Prince. Many members of shire present.  
29-30 Apr Demo: Galway.  
13-14 May Event: Event in Waterford.  
20 May Demo: Drimnagh Castle.  
27-29 May Several members attend battle of Ferns re-enactment. Event rained out.  
5 Jun Shire Fiadcheal championships.  
25 Jun Picnic at Trim Abbey with visiting Ansteorans.  
16 Sep Fighters collegium in Cork. Sir Garrick attends, and Michael de Brad visits Lough Devnaree for the first time.  
16 Dec Drimnagh feast. King Michael and Queen Melusine present along with crown prince and princess Garrick and Talitha. First public trial of Etienne for Treason.  
1996 24 Jan Demo:: Warpcon  
Jun Demo: Q-CON (first SCA activity in Belfast) Northlands
12 Jul Demo: Cashel. Two members form Belfast attend.  
1997 7-9 Mar Event: Eplaheimr. First event in midlands. King Elffin attends. Masker Seamus is made a Pelican and Sorcha a Baroness. Ceara ni Dwanne and Stainar Vidfamne get AoAs.  
Aug Demo: Carrickfergus (First demo at Carrickfergus) Northlands
Sep Peasant revel in Eplaheimr.  
1998 Jun Demo: for Drimnagh Castle.  
1999 Jun? Demo:: Ulster History Park Northlands
Aug Demo: Carrickfergus Northlands
Sep Event: Pure air and fire – Kingdom’s first equestrian event. Baron Martin and Baroness Heather of the Forrest, of Drei Eichen attend.  
2000 Jul Event: Ballachmore Castle  
Aug Demo: Carrickfergus Northlands
Aug Demo: Dundrum Castle Northlands
2001   Event: Coronation of King Peregrine and Queen Melusine Dublin
23-25 Feb At Champions of the Isles the Shire Lough Devnaree was awarded the 'Dragons tear' for running Coronation in Dublin.  
28 Apr Event: Spring Fling Northlands
8 Dec Event: Yuletide University Northlands
2002 20 Apr Event: Spring fling Northlands
Jun Demo: National Country Fair in Birr. Midlands
26-28 Jul Event: Champions of Lough Devnaree I Northlands
Aug Demo: Birr Vintage Week Midlands
Aug Demo: Tinahealy Show in Co Wicklow.  
26-27 Oct Practice: Octoberfence Northlands
6-10 Nov Event: Collegium of Defence. Dublin
30 Nov Event: Yuletide University II Northlands
2003 Feb Glen Rathlin becomes an Incipient shire (sponsored by Flintheath) Glen Rathlin
1 Jun Demo: National Country Fair in Birr. Midlands
Jun Eplaheimr becomes and Incipient shire (sponsored by Drachensheim)  
Jun Drachenwald’s 10th year celebrations.  
Jul Demo: Roscrea Gun Club Eplaheimr
01-03 Aug Event: Unicorn’s Inspiration Glen Rathlin
Aug Demo: Redwood Castle Eplaheimr
Aug Demo: Birr Vintage week Eplaheimr
Aug Demo: Tullamore Show Eplaheimr
12-14 Sep Event: Champions of Lough Devnaree II Eplaheimr
17-19 Oct Practice: Octoberfence II. Glen Rathlin
12-14 Nov Event: Yuletide University III Glen Rathlin
2004 16-18 Apr Practice: 5/8th's (Sewing) Glen Rathlin
14-16 May Event: May Faire Glen Rathlin
29 May Demo: Belfast Activity Centre Glen Rathlin
26 Jun Demo: Total Outdoor Experience (TOE), Scouts Glen Rathlin
30 Jul-2 Aug Event: Unicorns Inspiration II Glen Rathlin
17-19 Sep Event: Sword and Pen Dublin
13 Nov Demo: P-con Dublin
26-28 Nov Event: Yuletide University IV Glen Rathlin
2005 08 Jan Glen Rathlin becomes full shire at 12th Night Coronation. Glen Rathlin
12 Feb Event: Champions of Lough Devnaree II Eplaheimr
1-3 Apr Event: Flaming Arrow Glen Rathlin
21 May Demo: Trim Castle Dublin
25 Jun Demo: Q-Con Glen Rathlin
09-11 Sep Practice: Glen Rathlin Heavy Practice Glen Rathlin
23 Sep Demo: For Guides and Church group Glen Rathlin
24 Sep Demo: Skerries Dublin
01 Oct Demo: Timezone (V. Scouts) Glen Rathlin
13 Oct Hrafnsborg becomes an Incipient shire (sponsored by Mynydd Gwyn) Hrafnsborg
28-30 Oct Event: ID Viceroy Tournament Glen Rathlin
25-27 Nov Event: Yuletide University V Glen Rathlin
2006 03-05 Feb Event: A Stitch in Time Glen Rathlin
17-19 Feb Event: Champions of the Court of Love Eplaheimr
17-19 Mar Event: Fes Táin (The Family Feud) Dublin
31 Mar-2 Apr Event: Flaming Arrow II Glen Rathlin
28-30 Apr Event: Viceroy Tourment VI Dublin
14 May Demo: National Trusts (Divis Mountain) Glen Rathlin
24 Jun Demo: Scouts TOE camp Glen Rathlin
25 Jun Demo: National Trusts (Crom Demense) Glen Rathlin
15 Jul Demo: Portaferry Festival Glen Rathlin
04-06 Aug Event: Champions of Lough Devnaree III Glen Rathlin
24-26 Nov Practice: Shoe Work-Shop Glen Rathlin
08-10 Dec Event: Yuletide University VI Glen Rathlin
2007 05-07 Jan Event: Twelfth Night Coronation Dublin
24 Feb Practice: Champions of the court of Love Eplaheimr
30 Mar-2 Apr Event: Protectors of Insulae Draconis III Glen Rathlin
21-23 Sep Event: Champions of Lough Devnaree IV Hrafnsborg
23-25 Nov Event: Yuletide University VII Glen Rathlin
2008 01-03 Mar Practice: Stitch & Bitch Glen Rathlin
18-20 Apr Event: Feast of Flowers Eplaheimr
01-03 Aug Event: Champions of Lough Devnaree V Glen Rathlin
28-30 Nov Event: Yuletide University VIII Glen Rathlin
2009 17 Jan Practice: Garb Practice Glen Rathlin
20-22 Feb Event: Viceroy Glen Rathlin
12-14 Jun Event: Feast of Heraldry Eplaheimr
07-09 Aug Event: Champions of Lough Devnaree VI Eplaheimr
2011 16-18 Sept Event: Champions of Lough Devnaree VII Glen Rathlin