Lough Devnaree Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis Kingdom of Drachenwald

Champions of Lough Devnaree IX
Aspire Centre, Clara House, Clara, Co. Offaly
5th to 7th September 2014

Oyez, Oyez, the populace of Lough Devnaree and beyond take note! Once again it is time to decide the Champions of this Isle. The time has come to polish sword and armour, to fletch the arrows, and dust off those Arts and Sciences skills to become the next Champion of Lough Devnaree in your field(s) of excellence.

We will host a weekend full of fighting, fencing, archery, A&S, and merriment.
To those travelling across the waters: though you cannot be acclaimed as Champion of Lough Devnaree, we will also decide on the Guardians of Lough Devnaree in the various fields.

All meals will be provided. Traveller's fare on Friday evening, breakfast and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, plus Feast on Saturday evening.

Aspire House, Clara, Co. Offaly
Accomondation has approx. 40 bunk, limited crash space is available as well. Bedding will be provided for bedrooms.

Opening Times:
Site opens at 1800 on Friday
Site closes at 1400 on Sunday

Adult Weekend w. bunk: 45 (Bedding provided)
Adult Weekend w. Crashspace: 30 (No bedding provided)
Adult – Weekend w. Camping: €30 (No bedding provided)
Adult Day-trip w. Feast: 20
Children under 5: Free (if no bed is needed)

Site is discreetly wet!

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Event Steward & Marshal in Charge:
Barún Pól Ó Briain (Paul O'Brien),
Phone: +44 (0) 77 1536 8726

Rogned Steingrimovna (Maya Frost)

Lady Órlaith Chaomhánach (Cee Kavanagh)

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